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Connecticut Catholic Conference
Advocacy Network Newsletter 5/30/08

Connecticut Federation of Catholic School Parents
Connecticut Federation of Catholic School Parents

Archbishop Mansell Promulgates "Common Threads" Pastoral Letter at Mass for Catholic Schools
A cathedral full of believers celebrating the value of Catholic schools was the occasion for Archbishop Henry J. Mansell to introduce Common Threads, his Pastoral Letter on Catholic education and the Strategic Directions document for Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Hartford. The afternoon Mass on Sunday, January 27th, at the Cathedral of St. Joseph began with a procession of banners representing every Catholic school in the archdiocese. Mr. Dale Hoyt, Superintendent of Catholic Schools led the procession of banner-bearers, deacons, priests and bishops, and Knights of Columbus who formed an honor guard.

In his homily, Archbishop Mansell emphasized "the spiritual development of persons makes all the difference," and is a primary goal of Catholic schools even as they provide the highest quality of intellectual formation. The Archbishop went on to say that through education, sacred literature, art, music and architecture, the Church continues to inspire. In times of tragedy, sickness or suffering of any kind, we realize more of who we really are. People who have based their lives on faith have spiritual strength in times of suffering.

Archbishop Mansell shared that the Catholic schools in Connecticut saved the government over $400 million last year and that government needs to do more to assist our Catholic schools. He emphasized that next to government, the Church is the largest provider of social and educational services.

Each school principal received a package of the new Pastoral Letter and Strategic Directions document from the Archbishop at the closing of Mass.

President Bush Proposes Pell Grants for Kids
During President Bush's last State of the Union he asked the United States Congress to support a new $300 million "Pell Grants for Kids" scholarship program to help poor children reach their full potential. Like the Federal Pell Grant program, which students can use to attend the public or private college of their choice, Pell Grants for Kids would offer scholarships to low-income children in under performing elementary and secondary schools, including high schools with significant dropout rates. These scholarships would help with the costs of attending an out-of-district public school or nearby private or faith-based school.

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John L. Cattelan

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Studies and Information

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