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Dear Parents,

I am writing to share an important concern with you. There are several students at Sacred Heart with life-threatening food allergies. Some of these allergies are so severe they can be fatal. Here at Sacred Heart the food allergies we have become aware of include; peanuts, all tree nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, and the like), eggs, milk, shellfish & bananas!

In order to ensure the safety of our children we ask you to follow the following recommendations.

  • Notice and heed any food restriction signs on the classroom doors or entranceways
  • Avoid using the above listed items especially nuts, peanuts in any food that may be shared with classmates (i.e. parties and celebrations in the class or other general school functions) It is only during these functions that the children are allowed to share food with classmates. If a child forgets their snack or lunch arrangements will be made through the school & only through the school. Remind your child to be careful with products brought to school, peanut butter  can.  LEAVE A RESIDUE ON HANDS THAT CAN BE LEFT ON SHARED ITEMS.
  • If your child's class is a "restrictive food zone" we ask you not to send snack foods listed on these restrictions. Nuts and peanuts are the most common We also have egg & milk allergies, these will be listed at the classroom entrance as appropriate.
  • The ends of each table are designated as the Allergen Free Zone. Students are encouraged to sit at the ends with their place mats. Students with these allergies may have their friends sit near them as long as their lunch does not contain any of the allergy foods that the classmate is known to be allergic to.
  • Encourage the practice of good hand washing in and out of school

Sacred Heart Community has been very supportive in following these guidelines. We thank you for your attention  in this very important matter.


Mrs. Nardone

School Nurse

Health Resources