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Over ten years in the making, the new English translation will begin for us at Sacred Heart Parish and all English-speaking parishes in the United States on the first Sunday of Advent, November 27th 2011.  The goal was to refine the English text adapted after Vatican II to be more likened with the original Latin text.

The specific responses can be found on the handouts we were given in church, and we can anticipate using the missals in the pews more during the Mass to follow along than in the past, but like learning a new song, with repetition, we will learn the new “lyrics” the more we attend Mass.

For those who have been away from church for a while, welcome back!  Don’t be intimidated by the differences, just dive on in with the rest of us.  
Some excellent websites for more information:

A great article from  Busted Halo is a great site aimed at young adult Catholics, but the information is great for every Catholic to appreciate.   
Roman Missal FAQ’s:
Catholic Insight:  New translation of the Roman Missal nears completion:
US Counsel of Catholic Bishops website on the New Roman Missal:

For audio information, see:

iPadre Podcast  Fr. Jay Finelli is a priest in Tiverton RI with a podcast that you can download onto your MP3 player or listen to on the internet with great insightful information, and he is entertaining to listen to as well.

Busted Halo Show
Fr. Dave Dwyer hosts the Busted Halo Show on Sirius satellite radio, and has had several shows on about liturgical changes.  If you never listened to Busted Halo before, you will find him funny, entertaining while being reverent at the same time.