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Monday thru Friday 8:50am - 2:50pm


Our School

The Parents, Teachers, Staff, and Administration of Sacred Heart School work together to educate our children to facilitate their development into moral, productive, and compassionate members of society. In creating a Catholic faith-based environment, we believe it is through each child's unique learning styles and abilities that we come to truly experience the Gospel values.

Sacred Heart School combines a talented faculty and staff, a comprehensive curriculum, a diverse student body, and first-class facilities to guide each student to maximize his or her potential.

At Sacred Heart School we provide a robust curriculum that builds upon a foundation established by the 3 Rs to create a well-rounded environment that sets the stage for continued educational achievement.

Just as Man does not live by bread alone, a quality education must include opportunities to express oneself in non-academic settings. In keeping with this philosophy, Sacred Heart provides a range of extra-curricular activities.

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School Staff
School Principal: Dr. Gail Kingston
Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Jeanette Lang
Bookkeeper: Mrs. Barbara Simoncini
Assistant Bookkeeper Mrs. Mary Anne Sherman
School Nurse: Mrs. Michele Nardone

For a complete listing of faculty and staff, including contact information, please visit the Faculty and Staff page.
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